Ricks Fitness Link

Rick's Fitness & Health, Inc. is a dedicated personal training facility in Milton, Delaware. There are no general memberships, resulting in a private environment where clients of any age and fitness level feel perfectly comfortable. My club offers:

Clean, well-maintained, quality equipment.

A dedicated focus on personal training

A convenient location

Service means a lot to my customers, because it's so rare at most health clubs. Many of my customers tried personal training elsewhere, but were dissatisfied with the staff's lack of experience and need to wait for the equipment.

At my facility, there is no waiting. Usually, I work with only one person at a time, so your time with me is put to best use. Everyone receives individualized attention and an individualized exercise program designed to progressively reach their goals.

I have been conducting personal training for about 8 years. I have been especially gratified by the great progress my clients have made. I give them full credit for that. My goal is to help you reach your body shape and fitness goals, not to make you dependent on your personal trainer to hold your hand through every exercise!

Please give the the opportunity to show you what personal training can do. I'll be happy to provide references to current clients upon request.